QPower provides excellent technical back-up which is available throughout New Zealand via our experienced team of diesel and electrical fitters.


Our technicians are on call 24/7 for “anytime” delivery, assistance and set up of:

  • Generator servicing
  • Project scoping and quotations
  • Technical advice
  • Weatherproof sound-attenuated canopies
  • Auto-synchronising controllers
  • Bunded fuel tanks
  • Pre-hire safety and performance checks
  • Online remote control solutions
  • Remote generator monitoring





Enquiries: When we receive an enquiry for a QPower generator, we prefer to visit the site so we can accurately assess requirements and offer best practice solutions. As well as generator sales, we offer preventative maintenance agreements for generators with programmed maintenance and load testing.

Our policy is to ensure all generators are working optimally before delivery and re-test on site. Our qualified electrical team can perform installations to your site or even supply a mobile unit fitted to a trailer if required.




All QPower generators come with a 12-month warranty on materials and workmanship, and are manufactured by ISO 9000 registered companies. 

QPower generator servicing includes regular maintenance and oil changes as required. Through the use techniques such as scheduled laboratory fluid sampling we can monitor the condition of the engine fluids, allowing us to monitor the condition of the engine and change oil when required, saving the cost of replacement and the possibility of good oil or fuel being unnecessarily wasted in a world of diminishing resources.

We can source spare parts in addition to those carried in stock, for immediate resolution of breakdowns.




QPower provide online access and control solutions for your generator which can be combined with a QPower led monitoring solution. QPower control solutions provide instant access to generators in the time of need and also cost savings by reducing uncessary onsite technician visits.

Speak to QPower today for a consultation regarding our Online Control and Monitoring Solutions



Load Banks and specialised servicing equipment available for hire includes:

Sigma Load Bank MS24

Froment MS24 Resistive Load Bank

Resistive load banks can be used for testing and excercising your generator. For standby units we recommend annual load testing as a minimum. The load bank size is expressed in kilowatts (kW) with the above unit rated at 200kW and suitable for generators up to 250kVA.

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Sigma Load Bank MS66 & MS110

Froment MS110 Resistive Load Bank

This 1100kW unit is one of the larger units in New Zealand and available for hire either trailer-mounted or stand-alone. Cables and technicians are also available. Both Froment units offer computer printouts of test results allowing the customer an overview of their generator performance.

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Sigma Load Bank Control

Froment Sigma Load Control

Sigma brings cost-effective solutions to today’s power testing requirements which can require high level instrumentation, data capture and verification. The customer receives the data directly from the controller, ensuring accuracy and easy interpretation.

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Hillstone HAC415 Load Bank

Hillstone HAC415 Load Bank

The Hillstone HAC series load banks offer a low cost solution to onsite AC testing of generators. 200 and 600KW units are available, generally South Island based.

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