The Best Generators in the World, right here in New Zealand


QPower specialises in the supply of quality diesel generators for New Zealand and the South Pacific.

We offer the best generators available anywhere in the world with the service, setup and advice to match. This makes QPower generators, engines, alternators and complementary products excellent value for money, and the quietest and safest on the market.


Why choose QPower? Here’s why:

Industry leading product - Our components are European manufactured and assembled.

Quality - We supply only well proven, modern, electronic, low emission, fuel efficient engines with 500 hour service intervals.

Failsafe - Alternators are produced by Stamford, the industry standard and the best supported in Oceania.

Fit for purpose - Canopy construction is well suited to the New Zealand environment with polyester powder coating over galvanised steel. This, combined with no welds and joins that use only aircraft rivets makes our units the most corroision-resistant on the market.

QPower is here to serve - We offer a 24/7 callout service with both electrical and mechanical fitters available and the backup of New Zealand's most modern hire fleet.

Extremely quiet generators - Our units are amongst  the quietest factory build available, starting at 69dBA at full load at 1m, and 59dBA at 7m (Galaxy GX P41).

With our supplier Tecnogen, we are able to offer the world's best acoustic solutions with 300 kVA 59dBA at 75-percent load at 7 metres. Our flagship Whisperboxes offer unparalleled acoustic performance with 67dBA with 1000 kW of load at 7 metres. Acoustic test certificates are available before the unit is shipped giving customers assurance of guaranteed performance.

We stand by our work - QPower guarantees all materials and workmanship supplied by us for 12 months from commissioning.

From small to enormous, QPower can source the right solution for your needs - See our product range here.

QPower also offers operating and finance leases on its products - Please see further details here