Our Markets

Our customers save time and money by ensuring their power supply is robust and reliable

QPower sells quality generators imported from Italy made from European components. Their acoustic canopy units – polyester powder coating over galvanised steel – are designed for the harshest conditions. These canopy units are finished to a very high specification and can be viewed here.

Our generator engines are sourced from Europe or USA, primarily industry standard Perkins or John Deere coupled to Stamford alternators. All units are factory tested under load before shipping. On arrival in New Zealand they undergo a thorough pre-delivery inspection and are load-tested again.


The various INDUSTRIES where we deliver power

Network and Power Companies

With QPower's expertise in high-end control systems and access to the best acoustic packages we are a "go to" solution provider for a number of network companies throughout New Zealand. We are one of few companies in New Zealand to offer "no break" sychronising. Network companies have embraced this technology and along with remote monitoring and control they have been able to effectively manage SAIDI and SAIFI, also avoiding the cost of crews waiting for disconnection.

Entertainment and Events

With QPower's modern, quiet hire fleet, wide range of accessories we are the right choice for event hire. QPower can supply a total power solution with cables, distribution, fuel management, freight, lighting towers and the team to back it up. 


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Farming and Dairy

A continuous electricity supply is absolutely vital both for animal welfare and seamless milk production on dairy farms. The loss of a single day’s milking or insufficient drinking water for stock can have serious effects on the bottom line and animal health.

Farmers understand the need to lower their risk in the face of power blackouts caused by major weather events, fallen power lines or natural disasters such as earthquakes. They need two things: a quality generator that isn’t going to let them down, and swift repair should something go wrong. QPower provides both;  during the Canterbury 2012 storms we supplied some 60 generators to farmers, both hire and purchase units. We also fixed generators for farmers who had issues with unsupported product in a crisis.

Water is one of New Zealand's most valuable resources and utilisation of that resource through modern irrigation techniques has resulted in a huge demand for power in rural networks. Because of the cost of getting power to remote sites and the efficiency of generators on linear irrigators, QPower has flourished in this market. Being able to offer a quality product with local support has seen generators for irrigation become an important part of our business.

Because QPower offers oversize alternators on its Fox range, which is the predominant range for this application, we have, unlike our competitors, avoided having to use load banks on our generators, saving on the cost of fitting and fuel consumption.

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Mining and Quarrying

Mining and quarrying are the industries that are the hardest on equipment. This includes generators where dust and moisture have the potential to cause failure and without proper maintenance shorten generator operating life. QPower has the technical ability to customise these units for this application, often fitting specialist filter, fuel and control systems. 


Aged Care

Since the Christchurch earthquakes we have seen a re-evaluation of contingency planning. This coupled with New Zealand's aging population has seen huge growth in aged care facilities and a change in the way they are managed. This has highlighted the importance of emergency planning of which standby power is an important part. QPower supplies a number of facilities with new and low-hour used generators from our well maintained hire fleet.

Civil Defence

Once again the Christchurch earthquake changed the way the New Zealand government, both national and local, think about how to respond to emergencies and events. Electricity supply is critical during and after an emergency, and with this in mind New Zealand Fire Service and Civil Defence have decided that mobile trailer-mounted generators fitted with a selection of outlets is the best solution for them. QPower has supplied a number of units to both NZFS and Civil Defence around New Zealand.


From Milford Track to 5-star hotels, QPower has the tourism industry covered. From skifields to bungy jumping, you'll find a QPower generator supplying the power.




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