QPower Equipment Leasing

QPower has lease packages available on terms from 18 months through to 10 years. As a substantial private company, we will respond quickly to approve lease finance as we do not have a decision-making process burdened by layers of corporate structure.



Operating Leases

We offer various operating leases from non-maintained where the leasee is responsible for maintainence throught to fully maintained where QPower will carry out all maintainence.

Flexible terms of QPower Operating Leases

Many requirements change over time. As an example, a growing data centre initially requires a 300 kVA g enerator. After 3 years the data business requires a 600kVA set. QPower‘s Flexible Lease terms will allow exchange and upgrade without penalty. You only pay the cost of change-over and the revised rate for the larger set.

Companies that require standby power have the opportunity with larger QPower-leased generators to earn revenue by peak shaving or exporting power to the network in constraint periods.

Tax deductible and Off-Balance Sheet

QPower operating lease charges are fully deductible for tax.