Generator hire solutions : short or long term, 24/7 running and standby

QPower offers a large, modern hire fleet of diesel generators ranging in size from 10 to 1250 kVA from European suppliers.

Our technician team is on call 24 / 7 to assist with or manage project scoping, installation, fuel, servicing, monitoring and power dispatch to offer a complete operating package.

Complementing our range of hire generators we have a range of accessories such as loadbanks for testing, fuel tanks for extra run time, distribution gear and cabling.


Hire fleet vehicles

Our hire fleet is sourced from two of Europe's leading generator manufacturers:

Onis Visa, which has 60 years' experience manufacturing high quality generators at competitive prices and has one of Italy's largest generator hire fleets

Tecnogen, part of the Bruno Group of industries, which is at the forefront of acoustic packaging of generators with their Whisper Box VSi technology and industry-leading LED lighting towers.

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Our Flagship Whisperbox units offer noise levels not previously available for 1250kVa 20' units. This patented world leading technology comes from Tecnogen of Italy. The control system is ComAp Combi allowing easy set up for a number of applications including auto sychronising. 

LG34 on


QPower offers a range of trailer mounted canopied generators up to 60KVA which provide simple portable solutions and are perfect for small-to-medium jobs such as power outages, temporary power, events, concrete grinding/polishing, welding and more. 

P500GX Winter 2015


Our range of Fox and Big Fox containerised generators offer a compact and sturdy design. Maximum noise reduction makes the Fox suitable for all construction sites, agriculture, events and home backup power supply, both mobile and stationary.


QPower's GALAXY generating set range offers a large choice of power options ranging from 9 to 670 kVA.

The Galaxy range is suitable for a wide range of applications including continuous power supply or emergency service, for civil or industrial use. 


Fuel Tank 30TCG


Extend the run times of your diesel powered and auxiliary equipment with our range of fuel tank systems. Our systems include the Transcube 30tcg 3000 litre transportable diesel fuel storage tank which is double-walled and can run up to three diesel-powered units while dispensing fuel from a pump.

Lighting Tower


Resistive load banks can be used for testing and exercising your generator. For standby units we recommend annual load testing as a minimum.

QPower's rental fleet includes a 1100kW unit which is one of the larger units in New Zealand and available for hire either trailer-mounted or stand-alone. QPower technicians and accessories are also available.

QPower's Froment units offer computer printouts of test results allowing the customer an overview of their generator performance.

P500GX Winter 2015


  • - Cabling (copper flex) ranging from 95-240mm
  • - Fuel tanks & systems
  • - A range of power outlets fitted to units under 100kVA
  • - Auto synchronising panels on units over 500kVa
  • - Cable protectors for events and industrial uses
  • - And more ! 


Lighting Tower


Mobile lighting towers were created to face the increasing requests of temporary light sources, to be powerful, secure and easily transportable. QPower offer a range of unites including 9m hydraulic 2000W LED using the latest LED technology and a quality of light not seen before.